Kevin Bryant

Programmer | AUDIO

After I was born I grew into a man. Then I sailed the seven seas. Landing ashore near New Orleans, I did some time as a musician in a touring blues band. I also got a degree, and somehow ended up in Dallas sitting in front of this computer. Guess I'll make some games! Actually, I've always loved games and gaming in all of it's many forms. Glad I finally found the right people to make them with.

Nathan Bryant

Boss | Game Designer | Musician

I'm still in school but I decided not to wait until graduation to start pursuing my dreams of making games. Around here I do game design, music, programming, and just run things in general. These two other guys are my puppets. DANCE PUPPETS DANCE!!!

Tate Spell

graphics | animation

When you work in 2 and 3 man teams, you end up doing a little bit of everything, but my main function here at Seretsnowconepeople is graphic design/animation. I went to school for everything and could never make up my mind so I ended up in Information Technology. Needless to say IT is somewhat related to the digital art, animation and gaming world.  NOT!!!! Here at SSP I have found something that I truly love to do and I’m sticking with it.  It makes me happy. And when I am happy, my wife is happy.  And when my wife is happy, well we make more babies and they are happy too.