Orb Tour has launched!

Orb Tour is finally here! Available on Android and ios, coming soon to Steam! Help Snowy return his people to their home in the Antarctic by finding all of the missing power orbs!

We are very grateful to GameKeys.net for mentioning Orb Tour in their Under The Radar Games on Android in 2021. Thanks a bunch!

Can you save the Snowcone People?

New Game!!!

2017-12-13 01:34:00 AM
Merry Christmas secretsnowconepeople fans!!! We're celebrating with a gift for you! Hunting for Treasure in a WInter Wonderland - It's an early level for an upcoming game where the main concepts involve Hunting and Platforming. If you'd like to see this become a full game, let us know!!! Currently posted in the online arcade.

MokeyBreaker Announcement

2017-02-24 01:02:00 PM

Work has been going on behind the scenes here on our latest game MokeyBreaker: A Mokey In Space Adventure.


A few posts back we introduced you to Mokey, a humble Texan with a strange name. He also happens to be a pilot in the Secret Space Program, and his first released adventure is about to hit the mobile stores! Simply put, it is the story of how Mokey helped save our solar system from complete annihilation! Just another day in the life of earth's premiere space pilot. For more info on the game, check the forums and watch this space. Thanks a bunch!

Welcome Malachi!

2016-12-18 08:28:00 PM

Congratulations are in order for our illustrious graphic designer (get it?) Tate! He is the proud father of the newest Secret Snowcone Person, Malachi.


Malachi was born Dec 15th and is the 5th child in a loving family of awesome, fun people. Can't wait to see what shenanigans he will get up to. Congrats, Tate and Melissa!

Who is Mokey?

2016-11-18 01:48:00 PM

This post will introduce you to someone who will be a central figure in several upcoming games - May we humbly introduce humanity's unsung hero, he's got the skills to pay the bills! He can shoot, he can fly, he can kick your butt in the blink of an eye: Mokey.

Mokey, along with his brother, is a pilot in the Secret Space Program (SSP) - no relation to Secret Snowcone People (SSP). In case you didn't know, the Secret Space Program has been around ever since the 1950s, when hidden powers within Earth's governments learned to reverse engineer captured alien technology.

It isn't clear which nations are involved in the SSP, but the United States has definitely been there from the beginning, and Mokey's family is from Texas (the one on Earth, not the other one). There are also rumors of alien/human alliances and the "trade" for alien technology in exchange for "something valuable".


As it turns out, Mokey and his brother were recruited from infancy to be pilots for this program. They fly the very craft our most brilliant scientists and engineers have created. They are the boots on the ground of newly discovered alien worlds. They live a life apart from mainstream humanity in order to fulfill the most vital mission of all: advance and PROTECT human kind in it's expansion into the solar system and the galaxy beyond.

There ARE others out there, and they have been watching.


2016-11-11 05:54:00 AM

FBI, AG, our entire government love playing games and they're at it again! But what is it about this particular game that makes playing it at work more important than doing the job they're paid to do?



It's enough to make you sick to your stomach. We want to make it pop right out at you so you can touch it. Watch out though! This information is so top secret, you will want to wipe your server clean. Hey, if they can play games, so can we!

Our forums are up!

2016-10-29 01:42:00 AM

Our forums are up - a new place for you to argue about which of the kardashians are the most talented (hint: it's none of them).

Hey just wanted to let you guys know our forums are up and you can chat about all kinds of important things. Anything that doesn't have to do with our content is acceptable! JK, there's plenty of places to talk about our content as well as other things on your mind. So come join us!!! I'm sad because I can't sign this post off with an emoji :(

KFGS: Super Squid

2016-10-26 10:55:00 AM

Boss battles are coming to Kung Funny: Gigantor Surfer! We will be doing a few posts on who they are and how they will ruin Gigantor's day. This first post introduces "Super Squid" (working name :)). Please feel free to comment and share ideas, etc.

Say hello to the Super Squid. Just your average giant squid looking for a meal. Well, not really "average". There is a deep back story involving his fight to save his family from eco-terrorists colluding with corrupt jellyfish, but we won't be getting into that for this particular game. SuperSquid.png All you need to know is he recently discovered that love is what really matters in this world, that we together define our experience on this planet, and that Gigantor needs to hit him in the face three times with his surfboard to make him to go away.


2016-10-08 07:02:00 AM

Welcome to our development blog.

Hi Guys, welcome to our developers blog, where we'll provide updates about the progress of upcoming games (when new levels are complete, when new songs are added, when new animations are added, how fast we're coming along on the game, expected release dates, ect.)

Thanks! Nathan