What up? My name is Tate!

For all members! Please tell everyone a little about yourself. We can all get to know each other better and develop a vibrant community.
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What up? My name is Tate!

Postby sspTate » Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:35 am

Hey people! I'm one of the most coolestest members of the SSP family. I work on graphic design and animations for our games and I do some other stuff too. Mainly, I eat a lot of junk food and drank on some energy dranks in the wee morning hours while Kevin does all the real work. I wouldn't trade it for the world! If you have any questions for me or any of the SSP gang, please submit to our forum! I can't wait to interact with you guys and talk about our games and anything else you might have on your mind. Tate out....

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