Mokey, along with his brother, is a pilot in the Secret Space Program (SSP) - no relation to Secret Snowcone People (SSP). In case you didn't know, the Secret Space Program has been around ever since the 1950s, when hidden powers within Earth's governments learned to reverse engineer captured alien technology.

It isn't clear which nations are involved in the SSP, but the United States has definitely been there from the beginning, and Mokey's family is from Texas (the one on Earth, not the other one). There are also rumors of alien/human alliances and the "trade" for alien technology in exchange for "something valuable".


As it turns out, Mokey and his brother were recruited from infancy to be pilots for this program. They fly the very craft our most brilliant scientists and engineers have created. They are the boots on the ground of newly discovered alien worlds. They live a life apart from mainstream humanity in order to fulfill the most vital mission of all: advance and PROTECT human kind in it's expansion into the solar system and the galaxy beyond.

There ARE others out there, and they have been watching.